With springtime just around the corner, people are getting ready to create the most extravagant and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, beneath all the rubble accumulated during the previous seasons, rats may be lurking in the shadows. 

Rats are notorious hiders, and not only are they detrimental to gardens, but they are also dangerous because they carry diseases. To win the fight against rats, you must first know more about them.

Rats and Gardens

Rats can be found anywhere in and around your property, but their favourite hiding spot is in your garden. This is because there’s plenty of food for them there. From your hard-earned fresh produce to your compost, these rats pillage the area, leaving only destruction behind, and they don’t stop there. 

Trees, wooden fixtures, and plastic items are their favourite items to chew on to help control their teeth growth. They can even gnaw on your electrical wires and pipes. More than that, they can damage your car, chewing through its electrical wires and creating nests in its engine. Including the fact that they are carriers of diseases and aren’t the best sight to see when selling your home to interested clients, rats are pests you should get rid of.

Signs of Rat Activity

Although rats are quite good at hiding, they leave signs in and around your property, indicating that they are indeed around. Sometimes, you may have seen them scurrying around during the day looking for food. Otherwise, the only thing you’ll see is the result of their activities. 

You should look for signs thoroughly at spots where trash, produce, or wood is present, such as your garbage bins, compost pile, and a stack of firewood. Look for bite marks or even bits of food you know weren’t there in the beginning. You might spot a few tunnel entrances near food supplies, along with track marks between two. Droppings that are shaped like cylinders are also a sure-fire sign that rats are in the area. If you find any droppings that are still moist, you can be sure that they were active a few minutes to a few hours ago.

Keeping Your Garden Safe from Rats

The best solution to a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Rats are attracted to exposed foods, so the first thing you can do is to make sure if you have any storage of food outside, that they’re sealed tight in a container. Rats can also squeeze through tiny gaps as small as 6mm, so look around and fill in any that you find. 

Get rid of any piles of wood lying around, and be sure to tidy up your garden to prevent nesting. If you have compost bins outside, make sure they’re covered tightly. Garbage bins should also be closed and that no food is left out exposed for extended periods. If you’re into bird feeding, use a bird feed rather than tossing the seeds onto the ground to avoid attracting rats.

By learning more about rats and taking precautions, you can easily prevent your property from being overrun by them. You should do so not only to keep your garden safe but to make sure no one’s going to the hospital because of a disease that was brought about by the rats.

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