How to Safely Remove Carpet Beetles

How to Safely Remove Carpet Beetles

If you were to hire a pest removal company, the probability is that you would only do it if you found the usual suspects scuttling around your home. Mice, rats and cockroaches are the creepy crawlies that freak people out and alert them to a bigger problem. But, what if there is an undercover pest lurking in your home?


Often ignored, carpet beetles are a common and potentially dangerous pest. Carpet beetle removal services might not seem as important as some, but they are vital if you suffer from an infestation.


Arnies Pest Management is here to help. With our understanding of the potential problems they cause as well as our ability to spot the signs, we can remove them before they wreak havoc.


What Are The Signs To Watch Out For?


As with all pests, carpet beetles leave traces of evidence which indicate you need to call a carpet beetle removal expert ASAP. You probably won’t see one in the flesh because they’re small and indistinctive; however, you will notice the following. Here are the signs you may have a problem with carpet beetles.


–    Skin: A telltale sign is skin that they leave behind. As larvae, carpet beetles shed their outer layer as they develop. As a result, infected homes often have to deal with “shells” that are brown and bristly to touch due to the larvae hairs. If you pick them up and hold them to the light, you will see that the shell is translucent and not fully brown.

–    Fabric Holes: Like all grubs, carpet beetle larvae love to munch of fabric and make it their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, this makes them hard to differentiate from the likes of moths, but we have a tip. The trick is to analyse the holes. Clothes moths, for example, will eat the whole garment without stopping to take a breath, whereas carpet beetles focus on one area. Think of them as bed bugs but for designer clothes.

–    Droppings: Droppings is a difficult subject because carpet beetles’ faeces look similar to a lot of insect excrement. For the most part, it’s small and dark brown or black. Calling our carpet beetle removal service is recommended because even if it isn’t them, we can catch the culprit.


Can You Prevent Them?


The answer is yes but it’s tricky because the signs of carpet beetles, as well as the insects themselves, are hard to spot. With that in mind, early prevention techniques work well as they stop carpet beetles from infesting your home in the first place. Below are some of our favourites.


–    Buy Faux Materials: The reason carpet beetles target fabrics is due to the levels of protein in the materials. These pests love and need keratin to survive and will chow down on anything which allows them to feed. That means the likes of wool, silk and leather will all be targeted. The good news is that you can replace them with faux fabrics that are made from synthetic textiles instead. Nylon is, without a doubt, the most popular and easily accessible.

–    Dust Regularly: If you’re wondering why the word “keratin” seems familiar, it’s because it’s found in human hair. Not to freak you out, but carpet beetles are notorious for eating human hairs, even crawling into bed with people to feed. Regularly dusting your house will remove all the loose bits of debris and reduce their chances to feed.

–    Seal Everything: Anybody who is seriously worried about an infestation should seal the beetles’ main food sources. That will then lower the chances of hiring a carpet beetle removal team. Fabrics you already know about, so put them in plastic bags with zip locks, but don’t forget food too. Carpet beetles are pantry pests and will lay eggs in food and eat it from the inside so bag it up.


What Can You Do If You Spot Them?


The first thing is to remove any natural fabrics and give them a thorough wash at a hot temperature. Then, use a vacuum to suck up any remaining signs such as adult beetles, larvae or eggs. Also, find the problem areas and sprinkle them with boric acid to poison them.


Of course, like all pests, carpet beetles are difficult to remove without professional help. You can try and do it yourself, but there’s a risk that they will return. And, while they aren’t harmful to humans, they do cause skin irritation and itching. Plus, they are dirty.


So, if you want to be rid of them forever, you need to call Arnies Pest Management now for an effective and efficient service.