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Polite, friendly and gets the job done. Came out on Sunday within 40 mins of me phoning. Cheaper than the council and very thorough . Thank you.
5 star 

Karen Marshall

I can’t reccomend this service enough! I have called on 2 separate occasions over the last 2 months for wasp nests and both times they have been sorted within hours. A lot cheaper than other local services and very fast and efficient.

Danielle Higgs

I was highly delighted with Ian’s work. I texted him Saturday night and he came and did the job Sunday morning. (Who works on a Sunday). Brilliant and he doesn’t charge as much as Barnsley Council. A job well done. Ian was very knowledgeable and efficient.

Maggie Grayson

Messaged last night and came out today thank you. Was recommended by family and definitely use again x

Melissa Rimmington

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