How to get rid of moths

How to get rid of moths

Moth infestations are among the worst issues that any homeowner can fall victim to. Therefore, if you find yourself facing this situation, it’s imperative that you take immediate action to get rid of the moths and protect your property against repeat episodes.

Here’s all you need to know about getting rid of moths for good.

Home Remedies For Removing Moths From Your Home

When moths have infested your home, it’s vital that you remove the live moths, dead moths, larvae and eggs from the property. To do this in an efficient manner, be sure to:

✓ Change the vacuum bag as this is a breeding ground for larvae and eggs. Discard the old vacuum bag quickly, even if it’s simply storing it in the garden until you can remove it completely.

✓ Clean your clothes, especially any that have been left on clothes hooks or lying around the open air. If you have recently put old clothes in the wardrobe, clean everything.
✓ Clean and wash down any furniture that you believe may have been affected by the infestation. This includes fabrics on sofas as well as rugs, curtains, and towels.

✓ Ensure to clean skirting boards, window ledges, and under sofas. These are all breeding grounds for moths while you may encounter dead ones along the way too.

✓ Use reputable home moth removal and bug repellent sprays to kill moths and larvae in a fast and efficient manner.

✓ Use pheromone-based moth traps to catch live moths before removing them from your property safely and humanely.


Home Remedies to Prevent Future Moth Infestations

Killing and removing moths from your home is a good start, but you also need to ensure that moths won’t enter the home anytime soon. The following tricks should help you stay on task.

✓ Dry clean any used clothes or fabrics that you purchase as soon as you buy them to prevent new moth eggs being introduced to the home.

✓ Use a dehumidifier or air conditioning unit to reduce the humidity levels, thus making the home less attractive to moths and other bugs.

✓ Keep food stored in clean, closed, mothproof containers to stop moths entering your home in search of starch, sugars, and other nutrients.

✓ Use a putty foam to fill gaps throughout the home and stop moths from using your home as a place to congregate and lay eggs.

✓ Keep clothes and textiles stored away. Keeping items in wardrobes, for example, can significantly reduce the threat of larvae.

✓ Stay vigilant to future infestations. The sooner you respond to any issues, the sooner you can beat the problem.


Expert Moth Removal

While the use of home treatments and remedies can certainly help to remove moths and stop them from resurfacing, this option might not give you 100% coverage. Sadly, even small remains can grow into serious problems within a matter of weeks. As such, gaining professional support from a team that uses the very best chemicals and treatments is often the best solution.

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