Costs of Hiring Pest Control for Different Types of Pests – What to Know

Costs of Hiring Pest Control for Different Types of Pests – What to Know

Homes are at risk to all kinds of creatures, from squirrels to rodents, to wasps and moles. And with that, pest control is always out and about getting read of these pests. As a homeowner, the faster you identify and get rid of the pests, the better. And although you can do it by yourself, pest control can do it better and more effectively, making sure that the issue is resolved as best as it can be.

With that said, you might be tempted to phone up pest control the next time you find a rat, but remember, it is going to cost you. How much you pay will depend on the type of pest and how bad the infestation is. 

Here’s a rough idea of how much you’ll end up paying for certain kinds of pests:

Hornets and Wasps

Hornets and wasps can be very dangerous. There is a high risk that someone’s going to get stung around them, and the last thing you want to see is a bunch of them building a nest near or attached to your home. If you see any present, the safest bet is to hire contractors to get rid of them for you. This will reduce the risk of you getting stung should you try to address the problem yourself. As for the price, it’s going to cost approximately £50 to get rid of each nest.


Bees aren’t as dangerous as wasps or hornets, and will most likely carry on with their business if left undisturbed. However, having them around still isn’t ideal, so you would want to get rid of them. Because bees are quite essential to the environment, it is best to contact local beekeepers who will relocate their nests for you. Similar to wasps and hornets, it’ll cost you around £50 per nest.


Moles aren’t as common as most pests but are still a considerable problem. They can wreak havoc in many areas, such as golf courses, parks, and gardens. If you spot any mole or mole activity near your home, you can be sure that there’s an extensive tunnel network beneath. You might be tempted to use poison to get rid of them by yourself, but because most of these substances are banned, hiring pest control is your best option. The treatment itself is going to cost approximately £80, depending on how many molehills are present.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are among the most common types of pests. Not only are they dangerous to fixtures, but they carry a myriad of diseases as well. To avoid having to deal with repair and medical costs, you must get rid of them right away. If you don’t mind handling dead rats, you can set up poison traps all by yourself. Otherwise, it’ll cost you approximately £90 for contractors to set up their traps and get rid of the rats for you.


Squirrels are just as common as rats and mice are, and unfortunately, maybe even more harmful. With extreme agility, these creatures can slip and jump around, chewing on external fixtures like pipes and insulation. If they do manage to enter the home, they can continue causing plenty of damage. 

Just like rats, they carry diseases too, and in some cases, they will fight back when threatened. Because of this, hiring a contractor is a must. These people can do two things for you: get rid of the squirrels, which will cost around £70, and with your permission, squirrel-proof your home for about £100.

Remember, each contractor is different, meaning prices will vary. There are plenty of other types of pests out there as well, so you should contact the contractor of choice and ask for quotes directly. That way, you won’t have to deal with any surprise costs in getting rid of infestations at your home. 

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5 Practical & Easy Steps to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home

When mice or rats show up in your home, it’s hard not to panic. Rodents are pests that destroy your walls and furniture, contaminate your food, and carry disease. Unfortunately, by the time you spot them, they’ve usually already nested behind your walls. While it can be difficult, there are ways to get rid of these gnawing pests. Here are some simple and effective methods to crack down your rat problem:

Step 1: Locate their hide-out

The first step in addressing your pest problem is to find out where the rodents are hiding out. Rats and mice are nocturnal creatures, so you don’t often see them running about during the day. Be wary of scratching noises in the night coming from behind the walls or the attic. Chew marks on walls, wooden panels, and electrical wires are also clear signs that they are settling in your home. 

Here are other clues to look out for:

  • Droppings
  • Piled nesting materials such as newspaper bits in corners
  • Gnawed fruits in trees
  • Smudge marks along areas near food, such as the pantry or kitchen.

Step 2: Seal all entry points

Rats and mice can fit into the smallest cracks and crevices. Therefore, it is crucial to check your house for any holes. Seal all openings, including pipes and vents. Install weather stripping around your windows and make sure that your door does not leave a gap on the floor. Because rodents can chew on most soft materials, use stronger sealants for the job.

Step 3: Prevent outside access

Since rodents come from the outside, you have to include your backyard and garden in your inspection. Trees and bushes provide food and access to these pests, so be sure to keep them trimmed all year round.

Step 4: Sanitize your home and remove all food source

Keeping your home clean and mess-free is key to curbing rodent problems. Rats and mice need food and water to survive, which is why they’ve nested inside your house. Perform a general clean, focusing on your kitchen. Keep all food in airtight containers and store them safely inside pantry cabinets or in the refrigerator. After dining, clean crumbs that may have fallen off the table. Avoid leaving leftovers out in the open. If you have pets, be sure their food bowls are always clean between feedings. Additionally, make sure you don’t have leaks in your pipes and faucets. Cover all your garbage cans and water basins.

Step 5: Use traps or bait

When eradicating rodents from your home, you can choose to use either traps or baits. You can also use both of these methods to make sure you covered all bases. The major difference between the two is that a trap physically contains the rodent in place. This is ideal if you want to be sure that the rats or mice are getting caught. If you can’t stand the sight of dead rodents, however, you can opt to use a bait instead.

There are several types of rodent traps. A live catch trap is a small cage made with wire. One end functions as a door and is left open. You put bait inside, and the mouse enters to eat it. Once inside, the mouse stands on a pedal, triggering the door to slam shut. Snap traps are contraptions that use powerful hinges that come off when a rodent steps on them. These work best when placed in areas with high rodent activity. Glue traps are flat sheets covered in adhesive. When a rodent passes through, it gets stuck until it dies. Because glue traps are usually lightweight, they’re best for smaller rodents. 

If you choose to use a bait instead, make sure that your pets and children cannot reach them. Regularly check for dead rodents and remove the carcass immediately to avoid bad odour and insect infestation. 

Maintaining a rat-free home means keeping your house clean and tidy at all times. If you’ve followed these steps but still suspect rodent activity, it is a sign that the infestation may have gone beyond what you can handle. In such cases, it’s best to call professional pest management services like Arnies Pest Management.

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Employ Pest Control Services – What to Know

3 Reasons Why You Need to Employ Pest Control Services – What to Know

Pest presence is something that every home or business owner faces at least once in their life. It’s inevitable for some pests to get into your property and start invading your space, whether it’s ants, termites, or rats. 

When pest infestation occurs, you should hire the services of a pest control company. Many homeowners or building owners, however, have an aversion to getting such professional services. They are under the impression that pest control services can be quite costly, and that such services aren’t as effective as expected.

Many homeowners or building owners fail to realize the many benefits they can get out of employing professional services for pest control. Below are three benefits that pest control services can provide for businesses and homeowners.

  1. For disease prevention and control

Most pests such as cockroaches, rats, termites, and flies carry harmful bacteria that can be transmitted to humans. These pests can come in contact with food, water, and even air. When exposed, the bacteria can significantly cause diseases that can deteriorate a person’s health over time, and even severely impact the health of the family members or employees. 

With the help of professional pest control services, they know how to get to the root cause of the problem. Once they determine the root problem, they will make sure that pest infestation will be eliminated.

  1. For allergy and itch reduction

Small pests such as fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes enjoy biting human skins. This can lead to skin irritation, skin itch, and severe allergic reactions. Albeit these aren’t as serious as other effects that pest infestation can potentially bring, this doesn’t mean that you have to take things for granted. 

Employing the services of professionals can ensure these pests won’t take space in your humble abode or building. If you treat the pest control problem by yourself, these pesky little creatures will be able to find a way to keep on coming back.

  1. For protection from structural damages

Pests can live and thrive in the house or building structures, particularly on wood. These pests burrow through wood and chew through electrical cables. Their nests and colonies can block and pollute vital home systems such as the HVAC system. If left untreated, you will have to deal with severe damages to your home or building over time. 

That said, both commercial and residential pest control services can ensure that these pests can be eradicated, which helps to prevent further damages to the structure. Report the problem as early as possible before pest issues take a toll on your home or building structures.

When confronted with pest infestation problems, it will be best for you to seek the help of professionals. Other than preventing diseases and allergies, pest control services also protect your structures from potential damages. On top of that, these professionals will ensure that the pests won’t come back to cause any more issues.

If you are looking to employ pest control services in Barnsley, get in touch with us to see how we can help! 

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Pest Control Service

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Pest Control Service

Sick of having ants, mosquitos, rats, or even termites running around your home and wreaking havoc? Protect yourself and your home by hiring a pest control professional! With expert help, not only will you be spared of the rats, bugs, and whatnot, but also have a clean and healthy home in which to live.

DIY pest fixes often fail to address the root of the problem. They’re often band-aid solutions that merely offer temporary relief. Although it may feel good to save money on pest control services, the issue will inevitably resurface and possibly cost you more in the long-run. To ensure that the issue is completely eradicated, hire the services of pest control professionals.

The thought of ending your cockroach problems today can be tempting, but before you hire expert help, make sure that you make the right choice by taking a few important factors into consideration:

  1. The Cost

In most cases, the cheapest option isn’t the way to go. Remember—you get what you pay for. The cheaper the price, the lower the quality of service you get. It isn’t uncommon for people to ultimately spend more by hiring a cheaper service than they would have if they had paid more in the first place. How? If you hire a low-quality service, they may not be able to adequately address the issue, forcing you to hire another company once your pest woes resurface. 

  1. The Organization

It’s crucial for you to do your research about the company you’re hiring from. Are they reputable? Do they look professional? What are their work practices like? Look for references and ask your friends and family about the company. By answering these types of questions and more, you can make sure that the chances of an issue with the company are as low as possible. 

  1. The Professional

Once the pest control experts arrive on your doorstep, take a good hard look at them. From how they dress to the equipment they carry, they should exude professionalism. Ask to see their identification and license to make sure everything is all up-to-date. 

Another essential characteristic your service provider must have is the willingness to answer your questions. Sure, they may be knowledgeable, but in the case that you ask them a question they cannot answer, they should be willing to find out, too. 

  1. The Contracts and Services

Before you take the plunge and hire a pest control service, make sure that you have read the contract at length. Be sure to ask about the services offered. Is pest control maintenance service offered monthly or quarterly? What about case-by-case exterminations? Take your time to read the fine print and ask as many questions as you need to put your mind at ease.

  1. The Documents and Guarantees

Once services have been rendered, you should be provided with paperwork documenting the work done. It should also contain any future agreements you may have made with the technician. Finally, and most importantly, the paperwork should record the cost of the entire service. 

Most contracts and services come with some form of guarantee. It can be a simple “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Make sure to read the fine print of the agreement to know what you can do to use these guarantees to your advantage.

  1. The Recommendations

During the service, the technician should be giving you recommendations on how you can prevent any future pest problems. Additionally, if they discover a threat you may not have been aware of, they should suggest extra service to resolve the issue.

In any case, if you still need more advice, don’t hesitate to ask your technician. They’ll be more than happy to help you out!

When you hire a pest control service, it’s crucial that you know who you’re going to work with and what you’re getting into. This way, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches caused by surprises. Finally, by following our tips, you can be sure that you’ll find the right company for the job! 

If you’re looking for a pest control service, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Pest Control

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Pest Control

Any good business knows that clean, well-kept facilities can enhance a corporate image and implies superior, quality products and service. More importantly, it provides a healthy working environment for your employees.

With that in mind, poor cleanliness can lead to a tidal wave of adversities for your business. For one, your premises may attract pest infestations in places where there is excessive moisture content. From cockroaches, mites, down to the most destructive pests known to any property – termites.

Since the pesky dwellers are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye, most people notice them only when the damage has been done. For that reason, it’s crucial to seek the help of professional pest control services to prevent your business from being invaded by these unwanted guests. If you’re looking to keep your office squeaky clean and in tip-top shape from wall-to-ceiling, save the dirt for the professional pest controllers to handle.

Moisture in Wood Creates Optimal Conditions for Pests

Moisture content is a huge factor in pest dwellers as the leak tends to damage wooden structures and causes the fibres to soften. This makes it easier for wood boring insects like termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles to chew through sources of cellulose such as timber structures, floorboards, ceilings, walls, as well as wooden furniture.

Once termites and other pests gain access through the cracks of your home, it becomes a breeding ground where its eggs can thrive. The high moisture is an optimal environment for growing larvae. To that end, be sure to keep a keen eye on common areas where water leaks are likely to happen:

  • Crawl spaces
  • Bath traps
  • Foundation
  • Around air conditioners
  • Utility pipes and drip lines

How Can Professional Pest Control Services Help?

Pest control services aim to eliminate pest’s nesting areas and rid your space of any debris that insects can thrive on. Beyond ridding your property of various pesky critters, pest control can also help with the following:

1. Reduce Sickness in the Workplace

If you’ve been getting an influx of sick leaves and blame it on the flu season, it’s best to take a closer look at the root of the problem. Your employees spend most of their day at work, which means they have more time to be exposed to a contaminated environment.

There may be impurities in the air or pests around the corner that’s causing all the allergies and flu. This is something your regular cleaning crew can’t just sweep under the rug. With that in mind, pest control services offer the right tools to thoroughly disinfect your office for a more breathable, clean, and productive space.

2. Saves You Money in the Long Run

Pests in the office are a major offence for health inspectors. Violating health inspections can lead to costly consequences, which is why prevention is better than a cure in this case. To that end, hiring professional pest control services will protect your business and save you on damage control in the long run.

With a professional pest control service, you can breathe easy knowing that every corner of your office will be free from pest invasions. From the ceiling, walls, window ledges, cleaning cabinets, shelves, drawers, kitchen, bathroom, fixtures, fittings, and everything else in your space – the right company will help keep your business out of the gutter.

If you’re looking for a pest control service, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!