4 Reasons to Use Professional Pest Control

4 Reasons to Use Professional Pest Control

At Arnie’s Pest Management, we provide professional pest control in Barnsley and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, one of the most common things we come across is the situation where a home or business owner hasn’t responded to a pest problem quickly enough, allowing the issue to become entrenched. Many people do this in the belief that they can save money by avoiding the cost of a pest control call out – only to find that the eventual cost is actually higher as a result of waiting.

In this blog post, we look at 4 reasons why it’s best to use a professional pest control service sooner, rather than later.

Pests Multiply Fast

Many pest species produce large numbers of offspring, and can fall pregnant again soon after giving birth. Coupled with their short gestation periods, this creates a situation where two pests can soon become many.

Rodents are a classic example of this, and mice, rats, and other rodent species can multiply fast and potentially spread through whole terraces of houses if left unchecked.

Pests Cause Damage

Some pests live relatively peacefully side-by-side with the homeowners whose properties they occupy. But others can cause significant damage to the contents or even the structure of our buildings.

Moths are notorious for their habit of feeding on stored clothes, and many people have lost treasured items like wedding dresses to these silent vandals. The majority of moths don’t actually feed on fabric, but those that do can target clothes, upholstery, curtains, and even leather.

Pests Spread Diseases

Pests can spread a disturbing range of bugs. Many pest species are highly resilient to the effects of germs, meaning they can act as carriers for disease, without falling ill themselves. Cockroaches are an example of this, and if they come into contact with food or surfaces used for food prep, then they can transmit these germs to us.

Rodents and birds are also known carriers of a range of bugs such as E. coli and salmonella – both of which can cause severe food poisoning.

Pests Don’t Leave!

If a pest has entered your property, then it’s unlikely to leave again without the intervention of a local pest control technician. It’s worth thinking about why the pest entered the building initially – in most cases, pests invade our buildings in search of warmth, shelter, or food. In many cases they quickly find all three of these.

Provided the conditions remain favourable, then the pest is likely to stick around, so taking the view that a pest problem could resolve itself given time is rarely smart – more often than not, the problem becomes more serious, and therefore more expensive to deal with.


Book a Barnsley Pest Control Call Out

If you have a problem with pests, or even suspect that you may have, then contact us to schedule a pest control call out in Barnsley or nearby. When you do so, you can be confident that we’ll come out to you fast and perform the most efficient form of pest control possible, in order to resolve the problem at minimal cost to you.