How to Tell if You Have Mice

How to Tell if You Have Mice

As a leading pest control company in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, we routinely deal with infestations of mice in both residential and commercial environments. In this post, we’ll look at the tell-tale signs that give away the presence of mice, and the professional pest control measures that can be used to resolve the problem.

Signs That You Have Mice

Typically, the first sign that mice have entered your property will be hearing them move about. Despite their small size and weight, mice can be surprisingly noisy, and often make a distinctive scuttling or scratching noise as they run or burrow their way through soft materials like loft insulation. Mice tend to avoid contact with people, so you’ll often hear them in the cavities between walls, in your loft, or beneath floorboards.

Depending on how tightly sealed your home is, the mice may be able to enter your main living space. If this happens, then it’s possible that you may see the mice themselves, but it’s more likely that you’ll see clues like mouse droppings left in their wake. Mouse droppings are small, and look like brown-coloured grains of rice. They may be found in small groups.

Another common way to tell if you have mice is by spotting signs of the damage they cause. Mice gnaw almost continuously, and will target materials like card, paper, packaging, and books. Finding a pile of paperwork that’s been nibbled is an obvious sign that a mouse has made its way into your home.

Pest Control Measures

There are three primary methods of professional pest control for mice:

The first is trapping. This involves setting traps in locations frequented by the mice. Traps provide a clean, fast solution, since the mice can be easily removed when the traps are.

The second method is poisoning. Like traps, poison needs to be deployed in areas where the mice will find it easily. Poison needs to be used carefully to avoid the risk to non-target species.

The third solution is the long-term pest control measure of pest proofing. This involves sealing up small access points, such as holes around pipework, or fitting fine gauge mesh across air bricks. Pest proofing is best performed after an existing problem has been cleared, and depending on the extent of the work required, may either be performed by a pest control technician, or by a builder.

Barnsley Pest Control for Mice

Mice aren’t unique to Barnsley or the South Yorkshire area, but the density of older housing locally means that they can be more of a problem for homeowners in our part of the world. That’s because older houses are often more likely to have ill-fitting floorboards or cracks that make it easier for mice to enter and colonise buildings, turning our homes into their own!

Whether you live in an old house or new, or even run a local business, it’s vital that you act quickly when you notice the signs of an infestation of mice. Unfortunately, something we see all too often is that home or business owners put up with the problem for too long before calling us out. Mice have short gestation periods, and produce large numbers of young, so the result of delaying action is to allow a small problem to become a large problem!

If you recognise the signs listed above, and believe that mice have entered your property, then don’t delay – contact us to book a pest control call out in Barnsley or throughout our local service area.