How to Keep Pigeons Away from My House

How to Keep Pigeons Away from My House

Is there a more polarising animal than a pigeon? Sure, they’re good fun when kids are chasing them around the centre of town, but they’re a menace when they decide to call your home, home.


They might be harmless on the outside, yet you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Pigeons carry ticks and mites which can pass on diseases and they can damage cars and houses with the talons and faeces. 


The best option is to keep them away from your home as best as possible, which isn’t always easy. The good news is that this article will walk you through some of the best ways to prevent pigeons from resting on your property.


Potential Pigeon-Related Property Damage

Why shoo them away in the first place? Well, the following will answer that question.


Diseases: As far as bird cleanliness goes, pigeons aren’t the healthiest of winged creatures. Thanks to their outdoor nature and inclination for the cities, they can pass on diseases through their droppings. All it takes is for the dust to pass through open air vents and you may be subject to E.coli, Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, and Cryptococcosis. Yep, the illnesses pigeons carry are no joke.


Faeces: If you’ve ever had the misfortune to be hit on the head by pigeon droppings, you’ll know that they are corrosive. Leave it long enough and it will start to burn, and that’s the acid in their poo chipping away. But, it isn’t only human flesh which is vulnerable; pretty much any structure is. Once pigeon droppings hit your house, the structural integrity will decrease. And, if there is enough of it, which there will be, it could become a massive problem.


Clutter: You want your house to look like a home, which is difficult when there are loose feathers and excrement everywhere. What will the neighbours say?! However, it’s not only aesthetics you need to worry about as pigeon debris can clog drains and gutters and cause an overflow. In the winter, a build-up of dirt is enough to shatter a gutter and cause the water to flow inwards.


How To Keep Them At Bay

Thanks to our complicated history with pigeons, they are no longer scared or intimidated by humans. As a result, once they find a cosy spot with plenty of food and water, they’ll nest for the long-term. To prevent pigeons from resting on or in your home, you need to be creative and thorough as pigeons are intelligent and adaptable. 


Ruin Their Roosting

Once a pigeon sees a comfy place to roost, they’ll dive for it. Some of the best, in their eyes, are window sills and any ledge that is big enough to hold them. So, it’s essential to make these areas as unappealing as possible if you want to keep them away from your home. Installing spikes is a guaranteed method as the birds won’t be able to land. Alternatively, sloping covers are less painful. Another good option is a piece of string. Tied an inch over their nesting areas, the birds won’t be able to land properly and will look elsewhere. Of course, the most obvious technique is not to feed them. Remember that food and seeds put out for other birds will attract pigeons.


Seal The Building

To prevent pigeons from resting on your house is to stop them from becoming lodgers, too. Any gaps in the outside of your home are easily accessible for birds, and that’s why mesh or netting is getting more popular. Homeowners with too many holes to seal can cover them with wire and even pigeons won’t be able to slip through. Capping the chimney is another quality method because it’s a big, open space perfect for birds. If in doubt, you can always hire professionals. Here at Arnies Pest Management, we specialise in dealing with pests thanks to our decades of experience.


Keep Them Out Of The Garden

Perching in the garden is the first step to taking over your home, so it’s important to clear them out as soon as possible. An oldie but goodie technique is a scarecrow in the shape of a hawk. As long as it moves and makes a noise, it should deter them. A tip: move it around the garden so that the pigeons don’t catch on that it’s harmless. Reflective objects also work as the sunlight reflects and impacts the birds’ eyesight. Speaking of the senses, strong spices will affect their sense of smell while honey will stick to their feet and discourage them from landing. Of course, a pet, especially a cat, will scare them off for good.


Why Choose Arnies?

As professionals with years of experience and an extensive knowledge base, we have what it takes to take care of your pest problem. After a certified inspector surveys your home, our fully-trained professionals will start bird-proofing ASAP. Whether we use nets, ultrasonics or repellents, we’ll get the job done. 

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