4 Factors That Attract Pests into Your House – What to Know

4 Factors That Attract Pests into Your House – What to Know

Rodents and bugs like to wreak havoc on residences where they can thrive based on several factors. However, you can’t let them win the battle because of avoidable circumstances. Here are four factors that attract pests to your home and how you can address them. 

1. Age of the structure

Older houses start to wear down as cracks and gaps become more evident in the walls and insulations. Likewise, the weatherproofing deteriorates while the paint begins to fade. Bugs and rodents prefer houses with substantial wear and tear because they can make the situation worse. 

If you have uninvited pests residing in the dark spots in your home, it’s best that you have a pest control company conduct bi-annual inspections and treatment. These professionals will check the windows and doors of your residence to get rid of these pesky critters. They will also assess your sealing and weatherproofing to block their pathways in and out of your house. 

They will also pay attention to pest-prone areas like your attic, basement, and utility lines to prevent further damage. These actions will help fortify your home against the devastating bugs and rodents that can worsen your house’s condition. 

2. Food residue

Pests invade a house because of the presence of moisture and food. While the former is harder to prevent, you can do away with the latter by keeping food waste out of your home. Critters and bugs feast on your leftovers and spilt food when left unattended, and they have no remorse once they start doing damage.

Because of this, it’s essential to wash your dishes and clean the dining area after every meal. You can also place your pasta and cereals in plastic containers and keep them out of the reach of unwanted critters. Likewise, keep your garbage can for food waste away from your home. These simple chores will deprive pests of food, which lessens the probability of their invasion.

3. Clutter

 Even if these pests penetrate through the main part of your house, they still look for hiding places to avoid extermination. This is why they breach through cabinets, drawers, and containers because you don’t usually pay much attention to these areas. Any pile of material accumulates in your basement is a perfect nest for them. 

If you don’t get rid of the hoard, they can let their offspring grow, which will make them harder to eradicate. Give away items that you don’t use anymore or lock them in a storage facility. Meanwhile, destroy their nests to prevent their population from growing. This action will also help you avoid significant renovation costs due to severe structural damage. 

4. Humidity

Even pests require water to survive, and crickets absorb it to stay hydrated. Humidity provides the water that bugs need, and they may find it through the condensation in your walls or windows. These places make pests comfortable because their bodies don’t get dehydrated quickly. Having a dehumidifier will help you identify condensation-rich areas in your house and keep them dry to repel pests. Water pipe leaks are the common culprit for increased humidity, and you’ll need a plumber to address the holes immediately. 

Delaying action against pest infestation will only make the condition of your house worse. If you let them have their way, the foundations of your residence will weaken, forcing you to find another home. Contact a dependable pest control company at once and let them assess the spots that are likely housing unwanted pests. Aside from keeping your house intact, you also protect your family from the diseases that these pests may carry.

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4 Tips in Preventing Rat Infestation during the Cold Season – Guide

4 Tips in Preventing Rat Infestation during the Cold Season – Guide

As the end of the year is fast approaching, it is time to begin preparing for the winter season. However, if there’s one thing that you should be wary of, it is having rat infestation at home. 

During the cold winter season, chances are rats start to look for a warm and cosy place to stay. Your home, particularly if left unchecked and unattended, can be very susceptible to a rat infestation. In fact, statistics reveal 30 to 40 per cent of a seasonal rise in the callout for rat services begins as early as November.

For this reason, preparation is the key. It’s better to set precautionary measures in place than to deal with getting rid of pesky rats. That said, below are four tips on how to prevent rat infestation during the winter season.

1. Performing Home Inspection 

During the cold season, what better way to proceed than to perform a home inspection? As early as now, you should conduct a thorough home examination. Check the exteriors and interiors of your home and watch out for possible gaps or holes that can be possible entry points for rats. Remember that rats can squeeze even through tiny holes. Make sure that you block these holes or gaps to seal off any possible entry points.

2. Securing Windows and Doors

The next thing to give utmost focus is securing the home’s windows and doors. They’re the major openings at home, so it’s easy for rats to get into a window or door. Secure them at all costs by ensuring that they’re closed tightly. Always keep the doors closed when getting in and out of your home. Do this particularly when the temperatures start falling.

3. Examining Food Sources

Food sources should be given utmost importance. Rats can quickly invade your home when they sniff foods and find potential food sources. That said, eliminate food sources by cleaning bird feeders and pet food bowls. Make sure that you do not leave food bowls overnight as well, and keep the bins tightly closed and secured at all times. Nothing prevents a rat infestation more than a clean and tidy house.

4. Checking Nesting Sites

You have to be wary of possible nesting sites. During the winter season, rats are on the lookout for potential nesting sites where they can dwell. Make sure that you address areas that rats might find appealing for nesting. Consider cleaning up your garden and keeping it neat and tidy. Get rid of any standing piles of debris and remove clutters.

Preventing rat infestation during the cold season is a necessity. Remember that rodents do not only cause property damages, but they are detrimental to the household’s health. Rats easily chew through wires, timbers, and over foods. They carry bacteria in your home and can cause illnesses to your family members.

That said, consider the valuable tips mentioned above about preventative steps against rat infestation. If you don’t know how to proceed in preventing or eliminating a rat infestation, get in touch with pest control professionals for help and assistance.

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3 Signs Indicating That You Need Pest Control Services – What to Know

3 Signs Indicating That You Need Pest Control Services – What to Know

Sometimes, you may not be a hundred per cent sure if you need pest control’s help to take care of infestations. But more often than not, if you already feel like you need assistance, you do. However, it helps to know what signs to look out for to determine that you need professional help in taking care of the pests. 

Here are the signs to tell you that it is time to call pest control:

You Smell Them

Generally, the type of smell you get will tell you what kind of infestation you’re dealing with. Pest control specialists are also able to determine what kind of pests they’re dealing with just by the odour in the air. 

For example, rats and mice fill the air with the smell of urine, while cockroaches have an oily type of smell. With that said, the moment you smell anything that isn’t the norm, phone up pest control right away. The last thing you want to happen is the odour attracting other types of pests to your home.

You Hear Them

Although you may not be able to hear bugs, rats and mice make a lot of commotion, especially in the evening. These nocturnal pests can make plenty of scurrying, scratching, and crawling noises in the walls and ceilings. Because of that, if you are up late at night and you hear these sounds, there are pests that you need to be get rid of.

You See Them

The most obvious sign that your home is being infested is that you run into the pests themselves. For bugs, it can be their eggs or larvae. For rats, you might run into them when you open a cupboard. Whatever you find, whether they’re dead or alive, it is an indication that there’s an infestation going on.

Other visible signs include chewed wires and eaten wooden furniture. Rats and mice can chew through wires, causing rooms to go dark and tools and appliances to stop working. Roaches and termites, on the other hand, can chew through your wooden cupboards and floors. 

Also, pests need food, and they’ll do anything to get some. If you see any bite marks on your food packages, that’s a sure sign that there’s something else living with you, and those are most likely rats. Also, rats need to keep chewing on stuff because of their teeth, so you’ll find plenty of gnaw marks around your home if they aren’t gotten rid of. 

Another visible sign you can run into is the droppings, shed pieces, and other signs of life. Even if you don’t see the pests, you might see their trail. Pests like rat leaves behind droppings, scratches, fur, and other signs that they’ve been around. 

Finally, the last visible sign you can run into is the homes of the pests themselves. Bugs like bees and wasps can build nests outside your home, while rats and mice will pile up pieces of paper and other material to make their home.

In conclusion, the moment you run into any of the signs we’ve mentioned so far, it is time to call pest control. Don’t wait too long or try to take care of the problem by yourself. More often than not, you’ll only uncover more issues along the way. Save yourself the time and headache, and phone up a professional to take care of the problem for you.

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4 Tips in Preventing Rat Infestation during the Cold Season – Guide

A Simple Guide to Getting Rid of Rats in Your Garden

With springtime just around the corner, people are getting ready to create the most extravagant and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, beneath all the rubble accumulated during the previous seasons, rats may be lurking in the shadows. 

Rats are notorious hiders, and not only are they detrimental to gardens, but they are also dangerous because they carry diseases. To win the fight against rats, you must first know more about them.

Rats and Gardens

Rats can be found anywhere in and around your property, but their favourite hiding spot is in your garden. This is because there’s plenty of food for them there. From your hard-earned fresh produce to your compost, these rats pillage the area, leaving only destruction behind, and they don’t stop there. 

Trees, wooden fixtures, and plastic items are their favourite items to chew on to help control their teeth growth. They can even gnaw on your electrical wires and pipes. More than that, they can damage your car, chewing through its electrical wires and creating nests in its engine. Including the fact that they are carriers of diseases and aren’t the best sight to see when selling your home to interested clients, rats are pests you should get rid of.

Signs of Rat Activity

Although rats are quite good at hiding, they leave signs in and around your property, indicating that they are indeed around. Sometimes, you may have seen them scurrying around during the day looking for food. Otherwise, the only thing you’ll see is the result of their activities. 

You should look for signs thoroughly at spots where trash, produce, or wood is present, such as your garbage bins, compost pile, and a stack of firewood. Look for bite marks or even bits of food you know weren’t there in the beginning. You might spot a few tunnel entrances near food supplies, along with track marks between two. Droppings that are shaped like cylinders are also a sure-fire sign that rats are in the area. If you find any droppings that are still moist, you can be sure that they were active a few minutes to a few hours ago.

Keeping Your Garden Safe from Rats

The best solution to a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Rats are attracted to exposed foods, so the first thing you can do is to make sure if you have any storage of food outside, that they’re sealed tight in a container. Rats can also squeeze through tiny gaps as small as 6mm, so look around and fill in any that you find. 

Get rid of any piles of wood lying around, and be sure to tidy up your garden to prevent nesting. If you have compost bins outside, make sure they’re covered tightly. Garbage bins should also be closed and that no food is left out exposed for extended periods. If you’re into bird feeding, use a bird feed rather than tossing the seeds onto the ground to avoid attracting rats.

By learning more about rats and taking precautions, you can easily prevent your property from being overrun by them. You should do so not only to keep your garden safe but to make sure no one’s going to the hospital because of a disease that was brought about by the rats.

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Costs of Hiring Pest Control for Different Types of Pests – What to Know

Costs of Hiring Pest Control for Different Types of Pests – What to Know

Homes are at risk to all kinds of creatures, from squirrels to rodents, to wasps and moles. And with that, pest control is always out and about getting read of these pests. As a homeowner, the faster you identify and get rid of the pests, the better. And although you can do it by yourself, pest control can do it better and more effectively, making sure that the issue is resolved as best as it can be.

With that said, you might be tempted to phone up pest control the next time you find a rat, but remember, it is going to cost you. How much you pay will depend on the type of pest and how bad the infestation is. 

Here’s a rough idea of how much you’ll end up paying for certain kinds of pests:

Hornets and Wasps

Hornets and wasps can be very dangerous. There is a high risk that someone’s going to get stung around them, and the last thing you want to see is a bunch of them building a nest near or attached to your home. If you see any present, the safest bet is to hire contractors to get rid of them for you. This will reduce the risk of you getting stung should you try to address the problem yourself. As for the price, it’s going to cost approximately £50 to get rid of each nest.


Bees aren’t as dangerous as wasps or hornets, and will most likely carry on with their business if left undisturbed. However, having them around still isn’t ideal, so you would want to get rid of them. Because bees are quite essential to the environment, it is best to contact local beekeepers who will relocate their nests for you. Similar to wasps and hornets, it’ll cost you around £50 per nest.


Moles aren’t as common as most pests but are still a considerable problem. They can wreak havoc in many areas, such as golf courses, parks, and gardens. If you spot any mole or mole activity near your home, you can be sure that there’s an extensive tunnel network beneath. You might be tempted to use poison to get rid of them by yourself, but because most of these substances are banned, hiring pest control is your best option. The treatment itself is going to cost approximately £80, depending on how many molehills are present.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are among the most common types of pests. Not only are they dangerous to fixtures, but they carry a myriad of diseases as well. To avoid having to deal with repair and medical costs, you must get rid of them right away. If you don’t mind handling dead rats, you can set up poison traps all by yourself. Otherwise, it’ll cost you approximately £90 for contractors to set up their traps and get rid of the rats for you.


Squirrels are just as common as rats and mice are, and unfortunately, maybe even more harmful. With extreme agility, these creatures can slip and jump around, chewing on external fixtures like pipes and insulation. If they do manage to enter the home, they can continue causing plenty of damage. 

Just like rats, they carry diseases too, and in some cases, they will fight back when threatened. Because of this, hiring a contractor is a must. These people can do two things for you: get rid of the squirrels, which will cost around £70, and with your permission, squirrel-proof your home for about £100.

Remember, each contractor is different, meaning prices will vary. There are plenty of other types of pests out there as well, so you should contact the contractor of choice and ask for quotes directly. That way, you won’t have to deal with any surprise costs in getting rid of infestations at your home. 

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