Rodents and bugs like to wreak havoc on residences where they can thrive based on several factors. However, you can’t let them win the battle because of avoidable circumstances. Here are four factors that attract pests to your home and how you can address them. 

1. Age of the structure

Older houses start to wear down as cracks and gaps become more evident in the walls and insulations. Likewise, the weatherproofing deteriorates while the paint begins to fade. Bugs and rodents prefer houses with substantial wear and tear because they can make the situation worse. 

If you have uninvited pests residing in the dark spots in your home, it’s best that you have a pest control company conduct bi-annual inspections and treatment. These professionals will check the windows and doors of your residence to get rid of these pesky critters. They will also assess your sealing and weatherproofing to block their pathways in and out of your house. 

They will also pay attention to pest-prone areas like your attic, basement, and utility lines to prevent further damage. These actions will help fortify your home against the devastating bugs and rodents that can worsen your house’s condition. 

2. Food residue

Pests invade a house because of the presence of moisture and food. While the former is harder to prevent, you can do away with the latter by keeping food waste out of your home. Critters and bugs feast on your leftovers and spilt food when left unattended, and they have no remorse once they start doing damage.

Because of this, it’s essential to wash your dishes and clean the dining area after every meal. You can also place your pasta and cereals in plastic containers and keep them out of the reach of unwanted critters. Likewise, keep your garbage can for food waste away from your home. These simple chores will deprive pests of food, which lessens the probability of their invasion.

3. Clutter

 Even if these pests penetrate through the main part of your house, they still look for hiding places to avoid extermination. This is why they breach through cabinets, drawers, and containers because you don’t usually pay much attention to these areas. Any pile of material accumulates in your basement is a perfect nest for them. 

If you don’t get rid of the hoard, they can let their offspring grow, which will make them harder to eradicate. Give away items that you don’t use anymore or lock them in a storage facility. Meanwhile, destroy their nests to prevent their population from growing. This action will also help you avoid significant renovation costs due to severe structural damage. 

4. Humidity

Even pests require water to survive, and crickets absorb it to stay hydrated. Humidity provides the water that bugs need, and they may find it through the condensation in your walls or windows. These places make pests comfortable because their bodies don’t get dehydrated quickly. Having a dehumidifier will help you identify condensation-rich areas in your house and keep them dry to repel pests. Water pipe leaks are the common culprit for increased humidity, and you’ll need a plumber to address the holes immediately. 

Delaying action against pest infestation will only make the condition of your house worse. If you let them have their way, the foundations of your residence will weaken, forcing you to find another home. Contact a dependable pest control company at once and let them assess the spots that are likely housing unwanted pests. Aside from keeping your house intact, you also protect your family from the diseases that these pests may carry.

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