As the end of the year is fast approaching, it is time to begin preparing for the winter season. However, if there’s one thing that you should be wary of, it is having rat infestation at home. 

During the cold winter season, chances are rats start to look for a warm and cosy place to stay. Your home, particularly if left unchecked and unattended, can be very susceptible to a rat infestation. In fact, statistics reveal 30 to 40 per cent of a seasonal rise in the callout for rat services begins as early as November.

For this reason, preparation is the key. It’s better to set precautionary measures in place than to deal with getting rid of pesky rats. That said, below are four tips on how to prevent rat infestation during the winter season.

1. Performing Home Inspection 

During the cold season, what better way to proceed than to perform a home inspection? As early as now, you should conduct a thorough home examination. Check the exteriors and interiors of your home and watch out for possible gaps or holes that can be possible entry points for rats. Remember that rats can squeeze even through tiny holes. Make sure that you block these holes or gaps to seal off any possible entry points.

2. Securing Windows and Doors

The next thing to give utmost focus is securing the home’s windows and doors. They’re the major openings at home, so it’s easy for rats to get into a window or door. Secure them at all costs by ensuring that they’re closed tightly. Always keep the doors closed when getting in and out of your home. Do this particularly when the temperatures start falling.

3. Examining Food Sources

Food sources should be given utmost importance. Rats can quickly invade your home when they sniff foods and find potential food sources. That said, eliminate food sources by cleaning bird feeders and pet food bowls. Make sure that you do not leave food bowls overnight as well, and keep the bins tightly closed and secured at all times. Nothing prevents a rat infestation more than a clean and tidy house.

4. Checking Nesting Sites

You have to be wary of possible nesting sites. During the winter season, rats are on the lookout for potential nesting sites where they can dwell. Make sure that you address areas that rats might find appealing for nesting. Consider cleaning up your garden and keeping it neat and tidy. Get rid of any standing piles of debris and remove clutters.

Preventing rat infestation during the cold season is a necessity. Remember that rodents do not only cause property damages, but they are detrimental to the household’s health. Rats easily chew through wires, timbers, and over foods. They carry bacteria in your home and can cause illnesses to your family members.

That said, consider the valuable tips mentioned above about preventative steps against rat infestation. If you don’t know how to proceed in preventing or eliminating a rat infestation, get in touch with pest control professionals for help and assistance.

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